Bar and Pumpkin

Halloween in Japan


Halloween Bag

Although Halloween is a relatively new holiday in Japan, kids and adults alike are getting into the spooky celebration.


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Like New York City’s West Village Halloween Parade, the Kawasaki Halloween Parade outside of Tokyo is a festive event thousands attend. While Trick-or-Treating is not as popular in Japan, many people enjoy dressing in costume and decorating their homes and stores.

Bar and Pumpkin

This Halloween, ROYCE’ Chocolate USA will be celebrating by sponsoring Dream Hotel’s Made In Italy  and French Tuesday’s Halloween party on October 30th. ROYCE’ will be serving its signature Champagne and Bitter Nama Chocolates, dark chocolate covered almonds, and its infamous chocolate covered potato chips.  Tickets can be purchased online here.

If you are looking for a sophisticated Halloween treat for your festivities, stop by any of our New York City retail locations for sampling and expert recommendations.

Happy Halloween!

Gothamist Screen Shot

Gothamist Raves ROYCE’ Chocolates are Rich and Delicious

Gothamist Screen Shot

After Gothamist food critic, Nell Casey, tasted our Potato Chip Chocolates, she was instantly hooked. A fan of the salty-sweet combination, she said “friends, the chocolate-covered potato chip is where it’s at.”

potato chip mild bitter

Highlighting our complex combination of sinfully sweet flavor with crisp salty crunch, the Gothamist feature boasts how special a creation this chocolate potato chips is. It became an office love affair when Casey shared her adoration for the chips’ nuanced taste and texture.

Potato Chip Mild Bitter

In addition to our crispy Potato Chip Chocolates, Casey described our bestselling Champagne Nama as “exceedingly fine” and “creamy and sweet without being cloying.”

Champagne Nama

Stop by one of our three New York City locations to try these treats for yourself. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to be the first to know about great upcoming promotions and events planned for the Fall.

ROYCE’ Chocolate Learns the Joy of Sake


ROYCE’ Chocolate had the honor of participating in New York City’s Joy of Sake’s annual event. A non-profit organization based out of Honolulu, Hawaii, Joy of Sake’s mission is to educate the world about the beauty of sake. Like us, they believe the best way to teach is through tastings. We were delighted to be part of an event that brought together some of the best foods and drink that Japan and New York have to offer.


We watched as the event began with the traditional Kagami Biraki ceremony. The guests of honor broke apart the round lid of a large sake cask and drank from wooden cups. We learned that this symbolizes an opening of harmony and good fortune. Kanpai!


To teach New Yorkers about complexity of sake over three hundred varieties were available to taste. Featured were the Gold and Silver winning sakes from the U.S. National Sake Appraisal. What makes an award-winning sake? It has to wow judges in four categories: balance, taste, aroma and impression. Our favorite was TY KU’s coconut flavored sake, which had fruity and vanilla notes. Like our Nama chocolates, they use the freshest and most quality ingredients.


To complement the lovely sakes, we brought some of our best chocolates to sample: Caramel Potato Chip Chocolates , Maccha Almonds, Nama Chocolates, and Amande Black. Joy of Sake participants were delighted to discover the richness of our chocolates. Longtime fans were happy to see their favorite Japanese chocolates featured. Our pairing recommendation would be Nigori sake (like TY KU’s Coconut) with our White Chocolate Nama. The creaminess of unfiltered Nigori perfectly harmonizes with the smoothness of the fresh Hokkaido cream in our Nama.

joyofsake_royce_19sep2014-30 (1)

Here, our lucky Joy of Sake contest winner won two tickets to the event along with a special ROYCE’ Chocolate gift bag. But it wasn’t just drinks and chocolate available for sample, some of NYC’s finest Japanese and Japanese-inspired restaurants were serving delectable small bites. Chef Masa of 15 East served Slow Poached Octopus, raw and hand-massaged for twenty minutes. It is a melt-in-your-mouth seafood delicacy. From WD-50 to Sun Noodles, each plate added to the richness of the event.


Joy of Sake brought together sake lovers and newcomers to experience the tradition and innovation of Japanese food culture. Share your own sake and ROYCE’ chocolate pairings with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. #RoyceChocolate



A Detailed Look | Chocolate Bar “Champagne Raisin”

r1We mentioned the Chocolate Bar “Champagne Raisin” in our last post…


…and have been delighted that many of you got a chance to dig into one of our new favorites. But for those who haven’t tried it yet…


…come take a peek. We soak raisins in champagne till them become all plump and juicy. And then enrobe it in our classic melt-in-your-mouth milk chocolate. Surely impossible to resist. 


Won’t you come indulge in a bite with us? ^_^

Ohlala..Champagne Raisin Bar!

Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 11.05.37 PMHave you seen our May Newsletter yet?

We’ve got a bunch of exciting news including the brand new Champagne Raisin Bar (the raisins are soaked in champagne!) and a formal introduction to Teddy-ROYCE’-a-Velt (who you’ll be seeing a lot of on our Instagram).

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The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt | Sandra Nunnerley

IMG_6845How fabulous is this Fabergé Egg by Sandra Nunnerley?

Sandra is one of the top luxury interior designed in NYC and created this special egg in celebration of The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt, We’re hosting it in the windows of our ROYCE’ Bryant Park boutique and we love watching visitors do a double take. The blue! The gold! It’s positively enchanting.IMG_6854It was during a visit to Sotheby’s auction, Russian Works of Art, Fabergé and Icons, that Sandra was inspired by the famous ‘Faberge blue’ to create her contribution to The Big Egg Hunt. The giant egg is encased in a contemporary nest of hammered bronze – it’s a decidedly stunning celebration of modern interpretation, and acknowledgement of the rich heritage of Fabergé art.

Nama chocolates and art…the perfect pairing!

The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt | Philip Smith

8What’s that beautiful blue egg in the window of ROYCE’ Bleecker Street?

1It’s a creation by Philip Smith as part of The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt. The egg has been “cracked” (aka discovered)…so we can finally tell you more about it. We spoke with Philip on the phone for a bit and he was kind enough to share his ideas and inspiration behind this very special piece:

“In every traditional culture from pagan and Judeo Christian to Buddhism, the egg is rich in symbolism.  So I approached the project with continuing that tradition and making a somewhat sacred egg.

Before I began, I looked at the original Fabergé eggs and noticed that the most beautiful were either Prussian or royal blue, so at least the color referenced Fabergé.

For me, the egg is a brilliantly packaged life form, filled with endless possibilities ready to emerge and engage with life’s destiny.  Pictographically, my egg considers these various narratives as Mr. Globe Head announces the egg’s arrival while DNA threads itself through the mystical magic squares filled with auspicious numbers and a blindfolded man contemplates a diamond, perhaps the Diamond Sutra or just a regular off the shelf diamond from Harry Winston.”

2P.S. We also love that the royal blue color is right in line with the ROYCE’ colors. A most happy coincidence ^_^

Nama Croissants in 5 Steps


- 1 box of Nama Chocolate (any variety)
- 8 oz can of Pillsbury Original Crescent (or equivalent croissant dough)
- greased cookie sheet
- oven




STEP 1: PREHEAT oven to 375 Degrees


STEP 2: UNROLL the dough and lay them on a greased cookie sheet


STEP 3: PLACE two Nama pieces on the large end of the dough


STEP 4: ROLL individual dough loosely


STEP 5: BAKE in the oven for 10-12, minutes until golden

White Day

Valentine’s Day in America is a day for lovers (and aspiring lovers) to exchange gifts and celebrate romance. Both men and women can give chocolates, flowers, and Valentine’s cards to the special someone in their lives. But Japan does things a little differently. They split it up into TWO holidays, and each one has its own tradition. On Valentine’s Day women give presents to men– usually chocolate. It can be for romance (honmei or “true feeling” chocolate), but it is also common to give presents to coworkers and friends (jokingly referred to as giri or “duty” chocolate). Adults have fun with the holiday, but it can be a stressful event for schoolgirls across Japan because it is the one big day to confess feelings for your crush.

Then on March 14th it’s the guys’ turn. It’s called “White Day”, and traditional gifts include cookies and cakes, white chocolate, gourmet marshmallow treats, and even jewelry. In the tradition of “sanbaigaeshi” (three times the return) men are expected to return the favor with interest by giving a bigger present back to all the women that gave them a gift. If someone gave you an expensive honmei chocolate, today is the day to show how much those feelings are reciprocated. Needless to say this tradition comes with its share of heartbreak, particularly among girls who have been waiting a full month to get their response only to be disappointed. But for most of Japan this is a fun holiday season to share treats and have a little fun.

So guys, change things up this year and surprise the women in your lives with something sweet on March 14th! What could be better for a Japanese tradition than Japan’s finest chocolate– ROYCE’ has a wide range of creamy white chocolates that are sure to wow even the most discriminating sweet tooth.

Valentine’s Chocolate Tasting

Royce’ Chocolate is offering FREE chocolate tasting to the people of New York City this coming Valentine’s season! We have three events lined up so far and there might be more to follow.

Get the full wonders of Royce’ wide range of chocolates made from ingredients all over the world at a location near you in New York City!

We will be at the following locations:

Molton Brown London
February 13, Thursday
4PM to 7PM
515 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10022
(212) 755-7194

ROYCE’ on Madison
February 11, Monday
4PM to 7PM
509 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10022
(646) 590-0650

Ana Tzarev Gallery
February 14, Thursday
10AM to 530PM
24 West 57th Street
New York, NY 10019
(212) 586-9800